Making small changes is good strategy

It is better to make a small change and implement it quickly than to spend a long time on a big change. This is a natural consequence of the fact that nobody can truly know what will happen in two years’ time, but we generally have a good idea of how tomorrow will look. The small changes generate momentum, and momentum fuels action. At Kirchhoffko, we always consider the small changes when we help a company with their future strategy, even for our big and complex clients.


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The strategy should suit your timing

It is important to make sure that future changes take place in time with your company’s “inner clock”. No two companies have the same timing, so even small projects require great insight.


Changes should produce results – not cause stress

The success of a strategy depends on whether the changes within the company are successful and generate value. Keeping changes simple, logical and easy to implement increases the chances of success. Otherwise they just cause stress. At the same time, it is important to conserve energy and implement each change in the right place and at the right time. Any changes you make should always achieve better results, otherwise what’s the point?


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Business transformation

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Consulting on implementation (of entire corporate strategies or individual elements) and implementation workshops

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Executive sparring for ledelser og bestyrelser


Rådgivning om implementering (af virksomhedsstrategi eller elementer heraf) og implementerings-workshops