Every company stands to benefit from consulting


Every company has the potential to reach new heights. Our goal is therefore always to help our clients unlock their full potential.


We can help companies achieve their strategic goals.


And we can help them put together the team that will make it all happen.


Our clients benefit from our expertise in both areas, which keeps them coming back to us again and again. This is the essence of our Value Proposition.





We help smaller companies and listed companies, alike. We primarily work within finance and supply chain, but we are also keen to assist if your company operates outside these areas.



Our approach has allowed us to form excellent partnerships and alliances in major cities all over the world, including Houston, London, Hamburg, Bangkok and Hong Kong.



At KIRCHHOFFKO, we have a stake in the companies and organisations we serve, without being actual stakeholders. We are genuinely impartial and would never advise on both sides of the table.