Some facts about Kirchhoffko

KIRCHHOFFKO works for listed companies in Denmark and abroad, with particular focus on Asia. We operate across industries, in the public sector and in the consulting sector, primarily specialising in business development and the functional areas within finance and supply chain.


The company was founded by Søren Bruhn in 2010, and has since grown steadily. Søren is 48 years old, married and the father of two. He has extensive consulting experience from partner roles at McKinsey and Amrop Executive Search.

Elements of Kirchhoffko’s ethos:


> Consulting requires sensitivity

As consultants, we hold the deepest respect for the company’s history. But at the same time, we dare to ask the difficult questions and get to the heart of the issue. We dare to accept the challenge and demand to know the reasoning behind the reality, behind the decisions, behind the chosen path.


> Kirchhoffko does things differently

We aren’t afraid to learn from creativity and we firmly believe that management is a creative discipline. It’s about daring to reject things and say no until the result is on point. Inspiration suffers under the burden of day-to-day deadlines. But it is a necessity and that is what we bring to the table.


> To truly see something, you also need to see when something is wrong

We dare to invent – to find solutions to the company’s unique situation. This means not only looking at what’s right but also at what’s wrong. We do this with the company’s best interest at heart.